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Busted Kate — …because something's always broken

Fresh Start

Ahhh, well. Hello there. Maybe you remember me from good ‘ol Busted Plumbing days, where I pretty much talked about cervical mucus and world domination… and were therefore wondering if I was hit by a large meteor. Or maybe you are new here, and have no clue what I’m talking about but you happened to google search “cervical mucus world domination”, in which case please let me know what that entails because I might want in. Either way, I’m doing a fresh start. Between my husband and I, when one or (more likely) both of us are being stupid, we’ll often look at one another and say “fresh start”. It means not having to say your sorry, and skipping right past those awkward moments that you have to endure after a fight. It means just going right back to awesome, and acting like nothing happened. It’s a very effective marital […]

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